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County Tipperary 10 Mile Road Championships Sunday, 10 September 2017

County Tipperary 10 Mile Road Championships
  • All athletes must be registered for 2017.
  • Club Colours must be worn.
  • Age Eligibility: 20 years and over as of 31st December 2017.
  • Scoring: Women 3 to score; Men 4 to score.
  • For Senior Men & Ladies there is “A” & “B” team competition in the one race as follows:- The first 4 Men & first 3 Ladies will score as the “A” team and the 5th to 7th men & 4th to 6th Ladies will score as the “B” team. 
  • Medals will be awarded to the first 3 teams in both the  “A”  & “B”.  The number of team prizes at “B” will be one less than the number of  “B” teams finishing.
  • No team can win two sets of medals in the “A” Championships unless there is only one B team. In that case any such team “B” team  can compete for “A” medals
  • Individual medals will be awarded to the first 3 athletes in the various masters age groupings  
  • Online Entry only by Club Secretaries. Closing date for receipt of entries is midnight on Thursday 7th September 2017. 
  • Individual entry only, no team entry online as teams will be calculated from the results.
  • Fees: 5 euro per individual. Fees to be paid online with entries. No cheques.




Approximate Location - Ballynonty, Co. Tipperary

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