Strength and Conditioning Workshop Limerick

Thursday, 19 April 2018

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Athletics Ireland and Limerick Athletics are delighted to host a

'Strength and Conditioning Workshop for the Young Athlete'

This workshop will be hosted by Fergal O'Callaghan,  Head of the Age Grade Department in Munster Rugby.  Fergal's exeprience as an international rower and athlete,  has lead to 20 years of coaching at the highest level. Fergal was previously the Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach for Munster Rugby, the Tipperary Hurlers and in recent years has been involved in Rowing Ireland.

Fergal in most recent years has competed in a number of Ironman's and has completed the Marathon Des Sables ( only a 251 km race, in the Sahara Desert, whilst carrying his own food and clothes), a race which most certainly requires both phsyical and mental strength !

The workshop will discuss key elements of preparing an athlete for training and competition. Strength and conditioning has become an itegral aspect of an athletes development in an attempt to optimise an athletes potential and performance. Long term athlete development, planning and preparation of a strength and conditioning programme and fundamental exercises  will all be discussed on the night.

This workshop is open to all  clubs and sports.




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