Irish Life Health Indoor Combined Events Championships 2018

Saturday, 20 January 2018, 00:00

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Athletes must check-in at least 60 minutes before their event.  Collecting a number does not necessarily constitute checking-in.  Please take care.

Athletes must wear their official club singlet.

Senior athletes must be aged 16 years or over on 31stDecember in the year of competition. 

Junior athletes must be aged 16 years or over and under 20 years on 31st December in the year of competition.

An athlete becomes a Master athlete on their 35thBirthday. 

 In the long jump and throwing event, each athlete shall be allowed three trials only. 

In the track events, an athlete shall be disqualified in any event, in which he has made two false starts

An athlete failing to attempt to start or make a trial in one of the events shall not be allowed to take part in the             subsequent events but shall be considered to have abandoned the competition.   He shall not, therefore, figure in the   final classification.

The winner shall be the athlete who has obtained the highest number of points.  Medals will be presented to the top           three.         

The normal Masters rule of step down will allow an athlete over 50 compete in the pentathlon     

High Jump Starting Heights

Girls     14        1.00m              Girls   15          1.05m              Girls    16         1.15m

Boys    14        1.15m              Boys   15         1.15m              Boys    16        1.15m

In-competition testing under IAAF and WADA Rules may be conducted at any Championships.  Any athlete selected for testing who fails to attend as required or who fails to deliver a satisfactory sample render themselves liable to suspension. A complete copy of the Irish Anti-Doping Rules is available through the Athletics Ireland website.

Junior & Youth


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Senior & Masters


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