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AIT Baseline Indoor T&F 2017

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


AIT Baseline Indoor T&F 2017 - Individual Entry Individual Entry

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2017 AIT Baseline T&F – Timetable & Competition Notes

Many thanks for your interest in the 2017 AIT Baseline T&F meet which takes place this Wednesday December 13th.

Please note we expect a very congested programme and will move as quickly as possible through events. As such, race times below are an estimate and the programme may run ahead or behind the times indicated.  Please keep an eye on progress on the track and listen for PA announcements.

Check in at least 45 min before scheduled event start time.

Track athletes proceed to call room at least 15 min before scheduled event start time. Field event athletes present at event in in-field at least 30 min before scheduled event start time.

As this is presented as a time-trial event, rather than a formal competition, seeding and associated lane draws are not guaranteed in any track event.  However, we will attempt to seed leading athletes where possible. 

All track events will run as heats only.

300m will be run in lanes until break entering back straight

2017 Baseline T&F


6.30pm:        60m M (4 races) followed by 60m W (3 races)

7.10pm:        300m M (7 races) followed by 300m W (4 races)

8.10pm:        3000m M (1 race) followed by 3000m W (1 race)*

8.40pm:        150m M (6 races) followed by 150m W (5 races)

9.40pm:        1000m M (2 races) followed by 1000m W (1 race)

*3000m Women have option of racing with Men



7.00pm:        HJ Men

7.00pm:        SP Men

7.00pm:        LJ Women

8.00pm:        HJ Women